Find Your Balance

Kodawari Studios is a vibrant contemporary space designed with the health, healing, connection and community in mind.
Conveniently located in South Tampa, we create the space for you to find balance — a place where you can slow down,
step out of the hustle, lean into your practice — a place to nourish your birthright to a healthy, centered and meaningful life.



At Kodawari our goal is to enliven your
yoga practice. To give you a place to
let go, to breathe and to find balance.

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Our massage therapists and bodyworkers
will aid and guide you to an optimal
state of health and wellbeing.

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Our wellness practitioners will
help you restore and maximize your
individual potential and vitality.

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Float Therapy

Floating is a revolutionary, cutting edge therapy where you
float in magnesium sulfate rich salt water heated to match
skin temperature. Float pods are specially designed to provide
an unparalleled treatment for pain relief, improved sleep,
relaxation, performance enhancement, meditation and more.

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Kodawari Cafe

Enhance your practice focus with light but nutrient dense juice, power
up your fat burning and brain boosting with a delicious bulletproof
tea or coffee, or repair your muscles with a delicious lunch on your
way out the door. So many goodies soon to unfold in the cafe. If you
want to nourish yourself and smile when you eat come visit our cafe.


Upcoming Events & Workshops

Planting Seeds of Transformation | 200hr Teacher Training

Have a passion for Yoga? Want to deepen your own practice while learning how to share your understanding and appreciation for yoga with others? Become an instructor and pass on your passion! Join us on for a week-long retreat from Oct 7-14 and then one weekend a month for the following four months. This is a journey designed to build a thorough and empowering foundation for the aspiring teacher while also deepening the breadth of your personal practice. Upon completion you will have the tools and readiness to share your passion with confidence, grace, skill, creativity, intelligence and authenticity. Teaching yoga presents a beautiful blend of opportunities — it is meaningful, creative, service-oriented work that gives you a level of independence, freedom and ironically connection that you won’t likely find at a desk job. With the right tools teaching yoga can become, if you want it to, a well-crafted lengthy career. Yoga Alliance Certified.

Special Instructions: Interested? Have questions? Please email and/or see website for details

Arm Balances and Inversions

Learn how to leverage the body, strength, flexibility to grow stronger and more confident in the different arm/hand balances.

Special Instructions: $30 for this event or $85 for all 3 Master Classes. Use BickleBundle in the Promo Code box!

Fire and Nice

Build some heat, cook the core, and ride the wave into bliss.

Special Instructions: $30 for this class or $85 for all 3 Master Classes.

Slow Burn

Strong and slow foundations and alignment-based sequencing. Plan on breaking a sweat and maybe even shaking a little…in true Bickle style. *Not sure what that means? Come and find out!

$40 for this class or $85 for all 3 Master Classes

How to Make Vegan Sushi

Join Vegan Coach Naomi Green and her husband David Mannino to learn how to roll (plant-based, no raw fish required!) sushi rolls. This interactive workshop we will make AND taste together while sipping wine in a relaxing, no-stress environment.

Come away knowing:

  • What supplies are essential to rolling up successful sushi at home
  • What plant-based ingredients are necessary to making sushi rolls
  • How to use your creativity with plant-based ingredients to create different types of sushi rolls at home any time you want, in minutes
  • How to master the two most basic techniques of sushi-rolling
  • How to make and use sushi sauces, dips and condiments

Soften, Stretch and Strengthen

Deepen your understanding of how releasing fascia relates to increased function. Relieve tension and bring deep relaxation to the physical body with this therapeutic class designed to enhance body awareness, develop better posture, and improve core strength. We will use foam rollers to soften myofascial tissue while challenging your balance during a deep core work out.

Lacrosse balls will also be provided for specific points that tend to be congested. This class is excellent for beginners and anyone who wants to create a home practice that encompasses a holistic approach to relieving pain and facilitating optimal energy levels.

Live Lucky Cat Acoustic Flow

Join Eric and Erin Wheeler of Lucky Cat Yoga for a live acoustic flow. Using guitar, ukelele, voice and harmonium, they will guide you through a creative flow to get the heart moving and grooving. The Wheelers teach modern vinyasa with an emphasis on music and devotion while making time for to invest in your strength. There will be deep core work, conscious alignment and transitions and sweet heart opening postures. We believe that restriction in your hips, spine or shoulders can inhibit our ability to experience the world fully. Let movement and music open you to self-love as a way of living.

#Let Love Rule – Bring your OM home to Kodawari!