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Kodawari Studios is a vibrant contemporary space designed with the health, healing, connection and community in mind.
Conveniently located in South Tampa, we create the space for you to find balance — a place where you can slow down,
step out of the hustle, lean into your practice — a place to nourish your birthright to a healthy, centered and meaningful life.



At Kodawari our goal is to enliven your
yoga practice. To give you a place to
let go, to breathe and to find balance.

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Our massage therapists and bodyworkers
will aid and guide you to an optimal
state of health and wellbeing.

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Our wellness practitioners will
help you restore and maximize your
individual potential and vitality.

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Float Therapy

Floating is a revolutionary, cutting edge therapy where you
float in magnesium sulfate rich salt water heated to match
skin temperature. Float pods are specially designed to provide
an unparalleled treatment for pain relief, improved sleep,
relaxation, performance enhancement, meditation and more.

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Kodawari Cafe

Enhance your practice focus with light but nutrient dense juice, power
up your fat burning and brain boosting with a delicious bulletproof
tea or coffee, or repair your muscles with a delicious lunch on your
way out the door. So many goodies soon to unfold in the cafe. If you
want to nourish yourself and smile when you eat come visit our cafe.


Upcoming Events & Workshops

200hr Yoga Teacher Spring Training Retreat Style

The Foundations for the Mindful Teacher Training 200 hour yoga teacher training creates the context for deepening your personal practice and if so inspired, the ability to share your passion for yoga as a teacher. This program, with it’s weeklong immersion, is a transformational process geared toward adult learners where we engage in self-inquiry and review personal challenges and our habit responses so that we might grow as individuals. The result? Trainees learn how to become a positive force in their own lives and in their communities.

Join us as we retreat to a gorgeous space on the Santa Fe River outside of Gainesville for a week long intensive from April 22-28. After the completion of the intensive we will meet once-a-month on a Wednesday evening from 6-9pm and again that same weekend for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday segment.

Please click the More Info button to redirect to our page with the complete details regarding cost and time investment. See below for a brief overview of dates.

Wed May 29th;  May 31, June 1-2

Wed June 26th; June 28-30th

Wed July 24th; July 26-28th

Wed Aug 21st; Aug 23-25th

Wed Sep 18th; Sept 20-22nd

Special Instructions: Payment plans and early bird discounts available

Building Your Own Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space for meditation or contemplative prayer is such a simple yet powerful act. Join Annette in learning how to create a place that encourages quietness, that will call out to your soul “Come, sit and listen.” This place will be devoted to the part of you that whispers, calls and yearns; where you can reflect, be quiet, go inside and get centered. Create a space that acts as an invitation to the universe to support you. It can be as small as a window ledge or as big as a whole room.



Special Instructions: Former YTT students get 20% off. We will have a variety of objects available for purchase that you may wish to have as a part of your sacred space but no purchase is required.

Conscious Kid’s Story Time

Join Hattie P. Pink for a imaginative reading of a book that is designed to help parents or caretakers foster a sense of belonging and conscious values by promoting healthy, consistent connection with themselves and others. This experience will bring mindfulness and a sense of confidence to children of all ages. Each book features an easy breathing meditation, a core conscious concept and playful reflection practices that help to open a dialogue with children. There will be a 15 min yoga “practice”, followed by the reading and some time for discussion and snacks.

Special Instructions: *Register now as space will be limited to 20 children. An adult will need to accompany the child for reading along with the book.

Yoga on the Lawn at Armature Works

Celebrate the beauty of our great outdoors, the Florida weather and the freedom to be found in the weekend with an all levels flow led by the our own Karen Kennard! Bring your mat and your water and your willingness to ground into the earth and flow with the wind and the sun. It’s bound to be a beautiful day…join Karen and start your morning in a beautiful way doing some yoga on the lawn overlooking our spectacular city. Don’t forget to grab a free ginger juice shot from Swami Juice after! Great day spent in a great way!

Special Instructions: Please RSVP by going to the register button

Resolve | Renew | February

Come and drink the nectar of compassion from your own heart while opening the mind to our shared cosmic consciousness. Take the time to set an intention or revisit your priorities and intentions for the coming year. We will move through some gentle stretching to open the body and begin to quiet the mind so that we can turn inward through the use of the guided meditation of a yoga nidra practive. We will pause after the practice to refresh our souls with the simple but elegant ritual of taking tea in good company.
The most important things in life are often not those that are dramatic, but those that happen daily and repeatedly…start the new year off with excellent and simple self-care.
This month’s tea is a delicious Organic Irish Breakfast tea.

Special Instructions: Register early as space is limited to 20. *Members and YTT students get 20% off.

Vino and Vision Boards

It’s 2019! New Year’s resolutions and goal setting is a MUST! & what better way to keep you on track  than by creating a Vision Board?! Vision boards allow you to dream while awake and create space for your subconscious to guide you towards your highest potential. It allows you to put your goals on display so that you can actually ‘see’ your visions and then manifest them. Get clarity and achieve your dreams and aspirations. THINK BIG, THINK LIMITLESS because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Set goals and make ish happen! Wine and little nibbles will be offered. All supplies, including board, provided.


Yogi Seeds

Yoga has physical and mental benefits for kids of all ages. All of our yoga classes are developmentally appropriate, and taught by teachers certified in kids yoga. Our toddler-to-kid yoga classes are for children ages 3-6. We use the Kidding Around Yoga Curriculum and all of our instructors are certified. Kidding Around Yoga is an internationally recognized kids yoga program that teaches children mediation, mindfulness, breathing practices, poses, and more through fun songs, games, and activities that kids enjoy! Your child will learn yoga through fun games, singing, dancing, and interacting with other children. The program is essentially a fun way for your children to learn stress management and get out their energy in a healthy way! The lessons your child learns in class will stay with them through all walks of life.

Family time is important so what better way to nurture it than by doing yoga together? Children and their caregivers/parents get to enjoy practicing yoga while strengthening their bond and having fun. In this class we will move in fun ways that are beneficial to the body and mind, all while helping to build self-trust, self-confidence and awareness of self and others. Everyone will learn balancing skills and participate in meditation. Yogi Seeds will allow for a conscious kid and the development of mindfulness. This class will allow the opportunity for parents, whether new to yoga or not, to offer learning and movement to their kid(s) that is fun and easy! The positive effects of yoga can be exponential when families practice together.


Special Instructions: *Child must be accompanied to class by an adult. 

6 Week Beginner’s Series

If you’ve ever wanted to get detailed instruction on some of the most common postures in a vinyasa class this is the workshop series for you! Each week you will focus on one posture so that you can learn the expression of the posture in your body with hands-on assistance from a qualified instructor. Leave with the knowledge needed to follow along in a basic yoga class, knowing that what you are doing is “right” AND safe. This series will break down, Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior, 8-points touching, Updog, Downdog and Stepping Through.

One + One | Partner Yoga

Fortify your relationship with yourself and your partner through a unique and illuminating experience of mind and body union with Joseph Gray. To encourage you to take your yoga off of the mat and into your romantic partnership, Joseph will guide you through the pathways of the physical and emotional connectivity that is the core of acroyoga. Find strength, release, connection, coordination, flexibility, growth, courage, laughter, play… and the list goes on and on! All levels are welcome!

Soulful Sound

Sound is a powerful tool that can elicit states of joy, ecstasy and healing. Soulful Sound will focus on Bakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion, and support students in uncovering their voice along with a deep connection to the heart. Through gentle movement, mantra, kirtan and crystal sound bowl healing we will inspire one another to drop deep into the power of collective intention rooted in devotion to our true nature.

Assisting and Adjusting | Catalyst for Connection

Are you ready to take your teaching to a new level? Develop the art of giving hands-on conscious touch and gain depth as a teacher as you learn how to safely assist, heal and empower others. Embody confidence as you learn how to tune into your students and “see” their alignment needs.

Deepen your intuition and give distinctive, personalized physical adjustments. Connect psychologically and spiritually with your students with assists range from verbal coaching to physical movement. Continue to set safe personal boundaries while remaining connected so that you can deepen the trust between you and your students.

Special Instructions: *This module can be applied toward Kodawari's 300hr YTT program.

Mendhi Tattoos by Your Best Friendi!!!

Ever thought about getting a tattoo but not sure you want to say forever just yet? Or do you want to have some body art that changes? Pick a piece and bring it Shiran on Sunday and she will lovingly lay it on your body…With a tiny bit of care your chosen art can stay there for weeks…Don’t love it? Loofah it off in a couple days…Prices for a piece vary by size and can start as low as $15 a piece!!! Schedule now!

Clearing with Jimmy Mack

Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coach who after a near death experience, was shown a simpler way to create healing and profound changes. His work is known as My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®. He works with clients in person, on the phone and over Skype worldwide, accessing energetic powers and co-creating changes you can actually feel. In client sessions, you can talk about your health, relationships, money, people, places, things, pets and situations that you would like to resolve, change/improve and/or release. Jimmy taps in to “all that is” and will answer questions through Spirit, as well as actually showing you how to create fast, easy, long term changes in every area of your life!


Special Instructions: Sessions available from 10am to 2pm; please call the front desk at 813.773.4017 to schedule your 15 or 30 minute time slot.