Find Your Balance

Kodawari Studios is a vibrant contemporary space designed with the health, healing, connection and community in mind.
Conveniently located in South Tampa, we create the space for you to find balance — a place where you can slow down,
step out of the hustle, lean into your practice — a place to nourish your birthright to a healthy, centered and meaningful life.



At Kodawari our goal is to enliven your
yoga practice. To give you a place to
let go, to breathe and to find balance.

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Our massage therapists and bodyworkers
will aid and guide you to an optimal
state of health and wellbeing.

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Our wellness practitioners will
help you restore and maximize your
individual potential and vitality.

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Float Therapy

Floating is a revolutionary, cutting edge therapy where you
float in magnesium sulfate rich salt water heated to match
skin temperature. Float pods are specially designed to provide
an unparalleled treatment for pain relief, improved sleep,
relaxation, performance enhancement, meditation and more.

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Kodawari Cafe

Enhance your practice focus with light but nutrient dense juice, power
up your fat burning and brain boosting with a delicious bulletproof
tea or coffee, or repair your muscles with a delicious lunch on your
way out the door. So many goodies soon to unfold in the cafe. If you
want to nourish yourself and smile when you eat come visit our cafe.


Upcoming Events & Workshops

Planting Seeds of Transformation | 200hr Teacher Training

Have a passion for Yoga? Want to deepen your own practice while learning how to share your understanding and appreciation for yoga with others? Become an instructor and pass on your passion! Join us in March for your first weekend. We will meet every 3 weeks until we gather for a week-long retreat from May 12-19. Upon return we will close out the training in June. This is a journey designed to build a thorough and empowering foundation for the aspiring teacher while also deepening the breadth of your personal practice. Upon completion you will have the tools and readiness to share your passion with confidence, grace, skill, creativity, intelligence and authenticity. Teaching yoga presents a beautiful blend of opportunities — it is meaningful, creative, service-oriented work that gives you a level of independence, freedom and ironically connection that you won’t likely find at a desk job. With the right tools teaching yoga can become, if you want it to, a well-crafted lengthy career. Yoga Alliance Certified.

Special Instructions: Interested? Have questions? Check out the full page of details at

Women and Wealth Series

Join us for a 4 week series to learn about manifesting wealth and abundance. We will begin each session with a brief meditation on how to identify the blocks to your receiving. Tony will follow with a lecture and extensive Q&A session on how to intelligently begin investing and manifesting returns on your time and attention to this aspect of your health.

Special Instructions: * Delicious food and adult beverages included.

Take Charge of Your Health Wellness Workshop

Join us for an interactive workshop and be inspired to permanently change the outlook on your health. This workshop is designed to introduce and educate you on the following topics:

  • The correlation of your everyday lifestyle and diet in relationship to your health
  • The causes and dangers of stress and inflammation in your body
  • How to stop dieting for good by eating to nourish and fuel your body
  • Gain knowledge of what you’re eating and how to make wiser choices
  • Understand the gut brain connection in your body

Leave armed with new knowledge that you can apply immediately to your life.

Special Instructions: Sign up in MB and please RSVP to

Full Moon Flow

Join us for the second and final Blue Moon of the year. Falling in harmonious Libra, the energy of this workshop centers around healing through union. See through non-duality to the interconnectedness of all things in life.
Class begins with identifying where we may need more synchronicity and peace. We then merge our intention with the energy of the full moon and transition into a power/restorative yoga practice. Call in healing energy and strengthen the connection between your declared manifestations and your heartfelt intentions.


Special Instructions: *Members and YTT students receive 10% off

OMegrown Yoga: A Higher Consciousness

Looking for relief from painful chronic conditions, anxiety or emotional pain? Explore the healing combination of yoga with Blue Ridge Hemp Company’s CBD products. You will start with a gentle flow, move into longer yin holds and prop-heavy restorative poses. Each attendee will receive free Blue Ridge product for use during class and to take home with you after to enjoy.

Special Instructions: Class is Free and limited to 20 people. Sign up early to reserve your spot.

300hr YTT Pranayama: The Art of Yogic Breathing | Level 2

Dive deeply into the heart of yoga vis-à-vis a systematic introduction to Pranayama and Meditation. A central pillar of ancient yogic practice, Pranayama (‘breath regulation’) has untold benefits for maintaining and improving physical health as well as inspiring profound psychospiritual transformation. Explore the fundamentals of yogic breathwork through bandhas, mudras, and kriyas that are designed to open, purify and activate the body, mind, and spirit. In this Level 2 module, you will build on Level 1 to learn:

  • Advanced breathing practices and routines for yourself and others
  • Advanced purification techniques (mantras, kriyas, bandhas and mudras)
  • Neuroanatomy and how pranayama effect the brain and nervous system
  • How to integrate Pranayama into your yoga classes, workshops and private sessions
  • Tools, techniques, meditations and philosophy to further your personal practice while cultivating experiential wisdom

*This is a required module for the 300hr Watering Seeds of Transformation Yoga Teacher Training but is open and accessible to all students of yoga and meditation, regardless of prior experience or intention to teach. All participants will receive a training manual and certificate of completion for Level 2. Yoga Alliance members are eligible to receive 15 hours of CE credit.

Special Instructions: This is a required module for the 300hr Watering Seeds of Transformation Yoga Teacher Training.

Soften, Stretch and Strengthen

Deepen your understanding of how releasing fascia relates to increased function. Relieve tension and bring deep relaxation to the physical body with this therapeutic class designed to enhance body awareness, develop better posture, and improve core strength. We will use foam rollers to soften myofascial tissue while challenging your balance during a deep core work out.

Lacrosse balls will also be provided for specific points that tend to be congested. This class is excellent for beginners and anyone who wants to create a home practice that encompasses a holistic approach to relieving pain and facilitating optimal energy levels.

Sacred Sound Healing

Join Giuliano Geronymo and Alan Pratt for a powerful shamanic sound healing ceremony. Engage in Io Uyzuy, or ‘whole being healing’, an ancient energy activating practice that is being brought back to us at a crucial time in the human journey.

Alan speaks, sings & whistles in ‘light languages’ to help remove trauma, blocks, attached entities and negative programming. Giuliano sings indigenous medicine songs, plays guitar, didgeridoo, Native American drum, harmonica, crystal bowls & more.

This sacred sound jam is appropriate for anyone who wants to heighten their vibrational frequencies while unleashing their highest abilities but is especially helpful for:

  • People dealing with physical, emotional & mental illness
  • Artists, performers and creators
  • Light workers of all paths that want to expand their capacity and increase their power

Come and connect with your ability to release stress, anxiety, old trauma locked in the body, depression and attached entities. Connect with your Spirit Guides, transport to other timelines, experience shamanic release and more.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of crystal bowls as Brenda O’Donnell (RYT 500) leads you through a guided mediation and a sequence of yin postures to balance the chakra system. Give yourself the gift of a gentle healing practice that will let your worries be washed away. Leave feeling refreshed and balanced.  

Clearing with Jimmy Mack

Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coach who after a near death experience, was shown a simpler way to create healing and profound changes. His work is known as My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®. He works with clients in person, on the phone and over Skype worldwide, accessing energetic powers and co-creating changes you can actually feel. In client sessions, you can talk about your health, relationships, money, people, places, things, pets and situations that you would like to resolve, change/improve and/or release. Jimmy taps in to “all that is” and will answer questions through Spirit, as well as actually showing you how to create fast, easy, long term changes in every area of your life!


Special Instructions: Sessions available from 9am to 1pm; please call the front desk at 813.773.4017 to schedule your 15 or 30 minute time slot.