Zebra Flooring

At Kodawari we know that there’s this weird thing going on – a yoga studio is a public place and yet, at the same time the four corners of your mat delineate a very personal space. Our studio experience gracefully reflects and honors the tension between these two truths.

Your practice should bear the fruit of helping you be a calmer, clearer, stronger, leaner, braver – basically your best self – which we believe is the point of any transformative practice. We do want the goldilocks experience of all the externalities being “just right” so that you can tune in, drop out and dive into your practice.

transformation kanjiZEBRA FLOORING was chosen for all three of our practice rooms. The flooring inside our rooms is quite simply the best you will have ever practiced on. The support and give of the flooring lets yogis practice longer, have a quicker recovery time and reduces wear and tear on joints. It also invites the practitioner to be more willing to try something new – let’s say an advanced pose like crow without the same fear of falling as they might on other traditional flooring like hardwood or bamboo. Plus, the antibacterial, anti-fungal and super-easy-to-clean mats are made from non-toxic, recycled materials. It’s a win-win.


yoga mats

Zebra Mats manufactured by ZEBRA athletics.

Functionally, the Zebra mat tiles fit together like one big yoga mat, but are firmer and because of the unique texture, your personal yoga mat will be super grippy on it. It also gives just ever so slightly, which means that it will add that little extra challenge to your balance – so you’re building a stronger practice every time you come to Kodawari.

Zebra themselves discuss their flooring as the premium flooring system for powerful spiritual experiences and while I won’t ask you to take their word for it (we both know they are hoping to sell it), we challenge you to take but one class with this stuff underfoot and not tell me that you’re hooked…