About Kodawari

Founded by Annette K. Scott, Kodawari Studios is a 5000 sq ft Yoga, Bodywork and Wellness Center located in South Tampa.

In Japanese, the word Kodawari roughly translates to “a sincere, unwavering focus on what you are doing, with the intent of making it perfect, while knowing that perfection is impossible and that the work itself is most crucial.” It is often used to describe the sort of individual who spends a lifetime devoted to his or her craft.

At Kodawari, we believe the journey of human evolution is still a work in process. Yoga, wellness, bodywork, food, a vibrant community…they are all tools that enable us to engage in the crucial, (r)evolutionary work of turning toward peace and vitality. Our yoga teachers, bodyworkers and wellness practitioners were hand picked for their devotion to their craft. They come together from a range of backgrounds and disciplines with passion and creativity to create a diverse collective of expertise.

It is our mission to nurture the authentic you. We help you become clearer, calmer, leaner, stronger, braver, better. We thrive on fostering your health and joy.


Kodawari Studios is Proud to Offer


  • A Cafe for pre and post workout meals. Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Keto friendly, Paleo friendly To-Go meals available.
  • Various yoga styles from beginning to advanced
  • Sophisticated Infrared Heating and Ventilation
  • Premium Zebra Flooring System
  • Heated and non-heated classes
  • Yoga Teacher Trainings and Workshops
  • Corporate Memberships for Yoga, Wellness and Floating
  • Private Yoga Lessons
  • Float Therapy
  • Men’s and Women’s showers
  • A facility cleaned and maintained with natural non-toxic cleaning products
  • Yoga mats and towels available for use
  • Various Bodywork and Wellness Practices including Massage Therapy, Personal Training, Holistic Spa Services, Energy work and more.
  • A boutique full of beautiful, unique items including yoga gear