At Kodawari, Bodywork refers to any technique that seeks to enhance what feels good and improves overall performance while also diminishing tension, pain or discomfort. As the origins of these tensions may arise from any combination of the physical, mental or emotional body, the methods of achieving positive change are endless.

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Suzanne has been practicing massage therapy since 1992 and has operated successful practices in Chicago, Illinois, Columbus, Ohio and Aurora, Ohio. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher. Her focus with clients, whether they are receiving a massage or practicing yoga, is to assist the individual in achieving and maintaining improved health and wellness.

MODALITIES | In addition to classic Swedish Massage, Suzanne specializes in Ashiatsu (foot work), Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapies.

LICENSE | MA73226 | MM35009

PRICING | 30 min $40 | 1 hr $85 | 1.5 hr $120

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Growing up in America to immigrant parents from India, Jibin grew up with the underpinning of the Indian culture’s belief in the inherent power of the human body coupled with the reliance on natural ways to relieve pain and illness in the body firmly in place. As a result, when his own body had to pay the toll of pain that came after many years of living a sedentary lifestyle, Jibin began a journey of going to different health practitioners, trying different modalities of therapy that finally led him to a school called the Center for Neurosomatic Studies, which changed his life forever. Not only did he find relief from his pain, but he also was inspired to study and share this new knowledge and therapy with other people. After finishing the 18-month course he is now a practicing Neurosomatic therapist sharing his knowledge across the south Florida area.

MODALITIES | Jibin specializes in a form of manual therapy called Neurosomatic Therapy. Neurosomatic Therapy (NST) is an integrative form of manual therapy that identifies and corrects structural and biomechanical patterns in the body that cause chronic pain.

LICENSE | MA83291 |MM35009

PRICING | Initial Assessment 1 hr $125 | Follow up $95

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As a licensed massage therapist since 2004 and as a physical therapist since 1999, Justin is deeply rooted in the knowledge of anatomy and physiology. In addition to a wide range of massage modalities he is also certified in use of Microcurrent Point Stimulation. Microcurrent therapy is a technique that helps clear and open meridians through acupuncture points for pain reduction and holistic healing.

MODALITIES | Justin specializes in Swedish massage, Neuromuscular/Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Thai massage, Kineso Taping, Cupping, Reiki, Meditative and Yoga massage.

LICENSE | MA38545 | MM35009

PRICING | 1 hr $105 | 1.5 hr $145 | 2 hr $195. | Packages Available.

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Annette graduated from Florida’s School of Massage in Gainesville in 2003. The school’s teaching is grounded in deep listening and the power of conscious, compassionate touch to affect change. Her work and on-going education is a reflection of this focus. The clarity of her intention and the ability to listen and compassionately respond enables her to provide bodywork tailored to what you need most in the present moment.

MODALITIES | Annette specializes in deep and connective tissue massage, cranio-sacral and aromatherapy.

LICENSE | MA39230 | MM35009

PRICING | 1hr $95 | 1.5hr $140 | 2hr $180

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Magdalena graduated in 1991 from Down East School of Massage-Waldoboro in Maine shortly after she had moved from Europe to USA. From 1994-2009 she ran her Maine wellness practice before moving to Florida. She continues to practice her deep passion for reinvigorating our body-mind-spirit-soul connection so that we can actualize our greatest potential and come to fully enjoy who we are by developing a greater awareness of our self and our body.

MODALITIES | Magdalena integrates a variety of techniques from Swedish, deep tissue, sports, reflexology, reiki, acupressure to combine what’s best for the client.

LICENSE | MA64433 | MM35009

PRICING | 1hr $85 | 1.5hr $120

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John’s work is focused on improving others through hands-on therapeutic and relaxation massage. After working with a massage therapist to learn how to elevate post-radiation neuropathy pain for his mother, the therapist urged John to become a therapist in his own right. After 27 years as a process improvement analyst and operations manager John attended Everest University in 2015. He completed his schooling with 4.0 GPA and was happily licensed as a massage therapist in February 2016. As part of continuing education and his pursuit of knowledge, John was certified in pre-natal massage in December 2016.

MODALITIES | John specializes in customizing his work to each client’s needs. He blends deep tissue, trigger point therapy, post-race sports massage, Thai Massage and Reiki techniques alongside the foundational Swedish techniques to bring the client back to ease and vitality in their body and mind.

LICENSE | MA81162 | MM35009

PRICING | 30 min $40 | 1 hr $85 | 1.5 hr $120 | Membership and package rate available.

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