What is Buti Yoga?

Buti Yoga combines vinyasa-style yoga with dynamic movement, tribal dance and cardio in a high-energy, powerful practice. Buti is not your typical yoga class. Set to upbeat music, you’ll flow between yoga asana and high intensity interval spikes that will keep your heart pumping throughout class. You’ll spiral, shake, and vibrate as you simultaneously burn calories and have FUN! Even if high-energy workouts aren’t normally your thing, don’t be intimidated! Buti is for all levels as there are options to modify to whatever state your physical body is in today. The practice is there to meet you wherever you are at.

Cole in Buti Moves

What does Buti mean?

“Buti” is in Indian Marathi term that means “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.” Buti works to peel back the layers of self. We are reminded in each class that the solutions we are looking for do not come from external sources – we have the answer within, it just takes some uncovering.

How will I benefit from Buti?

Through intentional movement Buti sheds the layers of the physical, emotional and energetic body. You may have heard the term “you store your issues in your tissues.” Buti uses the Spiral Structure Technique (lots of hip spiraling and deep abdominal activation) to stir up energy that lies dormant at your first and second chakras. Using SST, you will not only strengthen the deep core muscles from all angles, but also activate your chakras to release stagnant energy that often manifests negatively in the physical body. Basically, Buti will make you look AND feel good.

Cole in Buti Energy

What can I expect to take from Buti?

Through Buti we build a sense of community, a tribe (we call ourselves Butisattvas). Know that with each class you are entering a space of acceptance and non-judgment. This means we practice non-judgment to our own selves, and to each other. Buti is a body-positive practice where students are encouraged to watch themselves move while cultivating a sense of self-love.  As we build this mind-body awareness and connection you are often reminded by the instructor to say something nice to yourself – something many of us might not do often. It’s empowering to move freely and be witness to it! The kindness towards self you will practice during Buti translates to confidence and acceptance off the mat.

Tribal dance?  I don’t have rhythm.  Can I still take this class?

Of course! Tribal dance connects us to our lineage and releases primal energy that is otherwise stored in the body and not often let out. It does not matter whether you are on or off-beat: we’re not concerned about how it LOOKS, we’re concerned about how it FEELS. Letting the primal self be expressed through movement is truly liberating.

Moving the Buti with Cole

When and where can I find Buti?

You can join Cole for Buti Yoga at Kodawari Studios on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm and Saturdays at 10:30 am. And we are adding a Buti 101 on Wednesday night at 5:45-6:45pm so that you can slow it down a bit to practice the “moves” that you might find particularly challenging to the body and mind!!  Book now!