New Yogis

Whether it’s your first yoga class ever, or you’re just new to our studio we make a special effort to welcome new students. While we offer a variety of yoga styles, all of our classes have one thing in common: a comfortable, safe space in which to explore the mind, body, and soul.

If you have any questions about anything, please come and chat after class or feel free to email — we are here to help!

All New Students Get a Special Introductory Offer

30 days of unlimited yoga for $49!
Take full advantage of this offer – try out as many different class styles and instructors as possible during this time. Experiment and find the right path for you. Our instructors and staff welcome all levels of practice and are committed to guiding all students safely and securely through classes.

General Information

Click here for a brief primer on Yoga Etiquette which is different than preparing for a class.
Click here for suggestions on yoga essentials…

Preparing for a Class

Don’t eat 2 hours before. We twist the body, turn it upside down and bend it forward quite a lot so don’t eat a full meal at least 2 hours before class – the emptier your stomach, the more enjoyable your practice will be.

Drink 1–2 liters of water. Make sure you are well hydrated, as it is better to drink before and after class than during. Only drink as needed during the class. Try not to ‘put out the fire’ and do not use this as a method of mentally pulling yourself out of the practice.

What to Wear
We recommend wearing something light and comfortable such as shorts, leggings, sport bras, or stretchy gym wear. Avoid sweats, track pants, and heavy t-shirts especially in our heated classes. Bring a change of clothing and a towel for a shower (we have shower facilities) and a plastic bag for your sweaty clothes!

What to Bring
Yoga mat. BYOM or borrow one of ours! We have plenty on hand.
Towel or Yogitoes. BYOT or you may rent one for $1.
Water. BYOWB or we have bottled water and refreshments for sale at the cafe and/or a filtered water bottling refilling station.
A smile, an open mind and a good attitude.

Signing Up and Arriving for a Class
Review our class schedule, select an appropriate class for your level and your schedule. We encourage beginners to start with the basics. Learn the fundamentals of yoga and build a strong foundation for a life-long practice.

Students may register online to reserve a space or sign up at the studio.

Note: If you have registered online and are not present 3 minutes prior to class your spot will be given to the first person on the wait list if the class is full.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class so that you can get set-up and settle down. Allow time to find parking and to check in.

If you have an injury, medical condition or history of an injury and/or medical condition or are pregnant, please inform the teacher before class. If you are unsure of whether your medical history will permit your participation, please check with your doctor and/or email prior to class. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions — we want to help you!

Please remove your shoes and socks outside the yoga practice room. There are specially made benches provided for shoe storage.

Silence Your Cell Phone
Make a habit of doing this as soon as you get to the yoga studio. We have a safe place for you to leave your bag and personal possessions outside of the classroom. If you must bring your phone into a class, put it on airplane mode or silence and let the teacher know in advance why you need your phone. If you anticipate having to take a call or text it might be best to position yourself next to a door so that you can discreetly leave the room when the call/text comes.

It can be quite embarrassing if your phone rings during class. If this happens, I advocate owning up and going to turn the ringer off immediately. Wait to answer the phone or texts until you have left the classroom.

Please do not leave the class early, as it’s not good for you to miss the cool down, it’s disruptive for your teacher and the others in the room.

Don’t Shy Away From Yoga Because You Are:

Worried about making a fool of yourself. Yoga is focused on being non-judgmental which means it is perfect for those looking to get back into fitness.

Not flexible. Not being flexible is not a sign that you are unfit. In many respects, we all begin with a certain level of flexibility — yoga helps you improve that. You don’t have to be flexible, young, female or skinny to do yoga!

What You Can Expect During the Class

Yoga Mat: Unroll your mat so that you have a little space in front of you, behind you and to the sides. Don’t worry if the class is full — all you need is your mat space. And if you don’t own a mat, don’t worry — we have them available to rent.

Props: Make sure you pick up a block and if you have tight shoulders, straps are great!

Sweat: In our heated classes you will sweat but try not to constantly wipe it off the body. This tends to have the body create more sweat. Once you begin sweating, it may be wise to place a towel on the mat to help with traction.

Music: Some classes are accompanied by music. Each teacher chooses a variety of music (or silence) based on their tastes and the rhythm of the class.

Teachers: Each teacher is unique yet provides a compassionate and inspiring approach to a well rounded, challenging yoga experience. If you do not connect with one teacher’s method, don’t blame yoga and quit. Try another teacher. Find one who sparks your own inner fires and who leads by an example that inspires you. Please visit our teachers page on our website to review our bios.

Assistants: Some teachers may have room assistants who are fully certified as yoga instructors. They may come by to help you in poses. Please let them know if you need anything or if you prefer not to be touched or assisted. We respect your needs.

Class Structure: Each class begins with a warm up and then moves on to various challenging standing poses, seated poses, and reclining poses. This is basically a full-body workout. There is relaxation at the end. Class structure will vary depending on teacher and yoga style.

Personal Limitations: Know the difference between pain and discomfort. Pain is not good for you while discomfort can be quite alright as it helps you learn about yourself by showing you how you react. Competition and striving is counterproductive. We will encourage you to do your best but that’s different for everyone. Learn to listen to your body, be compassionate and take care of yourself.

Savasana (pronounced: shah-va-sana): This is your final relaxation. Please do not leave before the end of class, otherwise you miss out on the key element behind what we offer. This is an opportunity for your body to integrate what you have just learned.

Namaste: Teachers often say namaste at the end to emphasis the equality of divine energy within every being. No one’s got more and no one’s got less! Namaste simply means “the light within me sees and honors the same light within you”. Enjoy!

Chanting Om: This is a non-sectarian spiritual practice, just like yoga. The yoga of sound is integral to this experience and has no religious affiliation. It’s okay if you do not want to chant. Here’s a link to a blog about “om” if you want to learn a bit more about it.

Resting: If you get tired REST at any time, you don’t need permission.