Energy Work

Camille Adrienne

BIOGRAPHY | Camille Adrienne, CEO and Founder of Smudged Life LLC, is a Certified Life Coach and Intuitive Reiki Master. She has a strong background in healthcare after having worked as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in St. Petersburg, Florida. Camille is a proud FAMU Rattler, where she obtained a B.S. in Cardiopulmonary Science on the highest of seven hills. She continued her educational journey, securing a Master of Public Health from Grand Canyon University. Camille continues to further her knowledge, as a doctoral student at Saybrook University working diligently towards a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine specializing in Integrative Wellness Coaching. Camille founded Smudged Life to share how one can build a consistent and quality mindfulness practice, “Smudged Life is a different kind of Zen, it is mindfulness dipped in melanin, it is for the culture…it is time for [our] community to stop coping and start healing.”

MODALITIES | Her offerings focus on the use Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Reiki, Sound Therapy and Yoga as alternative approaches to healing and quality of life improvement. Complete wellness addresses the needs of the mind, the body and the spirit.

PRICING | Dependent upon chosen service

OFFICE HOURS | Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 3pm
Saturdays upon request

Jimmy Mack

BIOGRAPHY | Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coach who after a near death experience, was shown a simpler way to create healing and profound changes. His work is known as My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®. He works with clients in person, on the phone and over Skype worldwide, accessing energetic powers and co-creating changes you can actually feel. In client sessions, you can talk about your health, relationships, money, people, places, things, pets and situations that you would like to resolve, change/improve and/or release. Jimmy taps in to “all that is” and will answer questions through Spirit, as well as actually showing you how to create fast, easy, long term changes in every area of your life!

PRICING | 15 mins $33 | 30 mins $66

OFFICE HOURS | Weds 9am-1:15pm
Fridays 10:30am-2pm