Yoga Teachers

Yoga teachers live their yoga practices and attempt to teach that way of life. These teachers apply the ethical and spiritual principles of yoga to their own lives and their instruction.

For example, the Yoga Sutras describe yoga as having eight limbs, so a classical yoga teacher would include these limbs as part of their instruction. In addition to teaching asanas and pranayama (breathing exercises), the instructor would also include yamas and niyamas (virtues and rules of living), pratyahara (control of the senses), dharana (inner awareness), dhyana (devotion) and samadhi (union with the Divine).

In it’s best manifestation, a yoga teacher is someone who stands witness with you and steadily points the way to your own empowerment.

Tina Serra

BIOGRAPHY | Tina's background in dance and interest in the mind body connection is what initially drew her to yoga. Through her practice, she discovered that she was able to cultivate more peace and balance in her every day life. This discovery inspired Tina to teach and share this peace with others.

TRAINING | RYT 200 - Tina completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kodawari Studios in 2017.

TEACHING STYLE | Tina’s classes are fluid and sequenced to music. Tina Invites her students to use their time on the mat as a time to connect the mind, body and spirit. Tina's flows focus on turning the attention inward and harnessing the energy from within.

Christal Beattie

BIOGRAPHY | Christal began her yoga practice in 2010 as a way to help manage stress and her physical well-being. After years of personal practice she was inspired to become a yoga instructor to share yoga as a healing modality for body, mind and spirit. Christal is an inquisitive soul and a lifelong learner.

TRAINING | RYT 200. Christal completed Foundations for the Mindful Teacher Training 200hr with Annette Scott, Marley Vigdorth and Mallory Dillon.

TEACHING STYLE | Christal's teaching style incorporates Vinyasa Flow, Power, and Yin with a strong focus on alignment and breath work. Yoga is for everyone and Christal creates a space for students to feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable to explore, learn, and practice in exact body they are in today. She encourages others by cultivating a nurturing, healing practice to help students to realize the benefits of yoga extend beyond the physical aspect of the practice.

Tiffany Beck

BIOGRAPHY | 9th generation born and raised in Tampa FL, Tiffany has always held fast to her roots and family. A background filled with dance and tumbling created an appreciation for movement and staying physically active. After a motorcycle accident steered her towards attaining a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling in 2010, she has been utilizing yoga to help others find a connection to themselves in a holistic and authentic way.

TRAINING | After Tiffany and her husband had their two children, she had the privilege of completing her RYT200 in April of 2017, at Kodawari Studios, under the instruction of Annette Scott, Marley Vigdorth, and Mallory Italiano-Dillon. Since then, she has been practicing with yogis of all levels, ages and ranges of mobility with hatha flow, chair yoga, children’s yoga, and Restorative Flow.

TEACHING STYLE | Tiffany incorporates varying modifications for each posture to allow openness to arrive safely, cultivate more awareness, and create a deeper connection between the triad of thoughts, sensations, and being present. It’s about more than the poses, it’s about understanding yourself, what empowers and stabilizes you on the mat so you can embody that beautiful organic energy and access that inner calm throughout the unexpected existence we call life. She strives to guide each flow to promote yogis to leave with a bit more of a glow.

Cole Herrera

BIOGRAPHY | A lover of all things fitness, Cole has practiced yoga since her teenage years to increase flexibility and strength. In recent years she has used yoga to connect to her higher self, and felt a connection so special she felt called to share yoga with others. She truly believes yoga is the key to merging mind, body and spirit.

TRAINING | Cole has studied under Annette Scott, Marley Vigdorth and Mallory Dillion earning her 200 hour certificate in 2017 at Kodawari Studios.

TEACHING STYLE | Encouraging students to connect to their spirit, Cole often teaches about manifesting your destiny in her classes. Quieting the mind and connecting to spirit, while moving our physical bodies with intention, all clear space for us to determine what it is we want to call into our lives. She offers a creative vinyasa flow that builds heat but has enough space to not lose focus on the intentions we declare for ourselves.

Luc Prenoveau

BIOGRAPHY | Born and raised in the Czech Republic Luc was initially drawn to yoga for it’s physical advantages and as it often happens found so much more. Inspired by finding her lost self on her mat Luc wants to pass that feeling and sense of self empowerment onto her students, while utilizing the physical aspects of asana practice. “When we tire the body the mind can no longer be ignored and we have to tap into our inner selves to shuffle through whatever it is that brought us to our mats in the first place.”

TRAINING | RYT 200 In 2016, Luc completed her 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training at Bella Prana. She is currently in Marley Vigdorth’s Mentor Program and hopes to achieve her 500 HR certification in the future.

TEACHING STYLE | Luc likes to connect the powerful physical portion of asana practice to the mind’s non stop inner chatter. Luc’s goal for each class is to create more space physically, mentally and emotionally. Luc teaches Vinyasa style yoga combining physical challenge with creative sequencing. Luc is an avid fan of inversion and arm balances and creates environment to make these accessible to all levels yogis. You can be sure to go upside down in her classes.

Jana Rentz

BIOGRAPHY | Jana Rentz began her yoga practice in 2007 to take a break from traditional “gym workouts,” & to help counteract the common body breakdowns from being a long distance runner. She was inspired to become an instructor after seeing the significant benefits from her own practice, both physically and mentally.

TRAINING | RYT 200. Jana is a 2018 graduate of Kodawari Yoga: Foundations for the Mindful Teacher 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

TEACHING STYLE | Jana’s classes are fast-paced, strong, and playful. She brings in ancient teachings of yoga and modernizes them for current day translation focusing on health, beauty and wellness.

Thom Taylor

BIOGRAPHY | Thom began his yoga practice in 2001 to satisfy a need for physical activity and to satisfy a deeper unconscious yearning for more knowledge regarding spiritual practices and deeper self awareness. After 2 years of practice, he was inspired to enroll in Bikram's 9 week teacher training to deepen his personal practice and becsuse of his love for the sequence. Thom continues to be inspired by Bikram Yoga because of the emphasis on spinal alignment and the heat.

TRAINING | Thom graduated Bikram Yoga 9 week training in June 2003. May 2006 graduated 200 hour Vinyasa Training from Asheville Yoga Center. August 2010 graduated 200 hour Micheline Berry Vinyasa Teacher Training.

TEACHING STYLE | Thom's fiery personality and childish sense of humor comes through in his instructions and verbal adjustments. The more intense the class/practice the more one has to laugh and enjoy what they performing. It is his hope you will leave his class lighter and more relaxed than when you began.

Camille Adrienne

BIOGRAPHY | Camille Adrienne, CEO and Founder of Smudged Life LLC, is a Certified Life Coach and Intuitive Reiki Master. She has a strong background in healthcare after having worked as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in St. Petersburg, Florida. Camille is a proud FAMU Rattler, where she obtained a B.S. in Cardiopulmonary Science on the highest of seven hills. She continued her educational journey, securing a Master of Public Health from Grand Canyon University. Camille continues to further her knowledge, as a doctoral student at Saybrook University working diligently towards a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine specializing in Integrative Wellness Coaching. Camille founded Smudged Life to share how one can build a consistent and quality mindfulness practice, “Smudged Life is a different kind of Zen, it is mindfulness dipped in melanin, it is for the culture…it is time for [our] community to stop coping and start healing.”

TEACHING STYLE | Camille recognized a great need for thorough education, cultural reliability, and POC representation in the holistic healing arena. Despite adversity, she continues to educate on the importance of incorporating mindfulness techniques and traditional healing modalities into ones’ daily routine.

Suzanne Aronoff

BIOGRAPHY | Suzanne Aronoff began her yoga practice in 2004 to help counteract the physical wear and tear she experienced as a massage therapist and as a competitive runner in college. She was inspired to become an instructor for two reasons: the significant benefits from her own practice and to share yoga with her massage clients in hopes they would embrace the healing qualities of yoga and feel empowered to take a more active role in their physical well-being.

TRAINING | E-RYT 200. Suzanne has been a licensed massage therapist since 1992 and is a 2012 graduate of Cleveland Yoga’s 200hr Teacher Training.

TEACHING STYLE | Suzanne’s classes are heartfelt, playful, challenging and supportive. She brings her massage background into her classes through hands on assists (maybe even a little massage during savasana) and a focus on alignment and physicality.

Mya Cato

BIOGRAPHY | In 2014, Mya found herself in a yoga class as an avenue to stretch her achy muscles and counteract the everyday stress of corporate America. The physical benefits were obvious but the beginning of her journey was ignited after receiving clarity and a sense of purpose in life. She began studying yoga and sharing her practice online which inspired others to illuminate their own light. Mya is now the owner of Meeyogi; a Tampa-based yoga company that seeks to empower individuals through movement, mindfulness & meditation.

TRAINING | Mya received her 200-hour Hatha Yoga certification in 2016 through Yoga Loft Tampa. Her ongoing studies through various workshops and seminars allow her to remain a student first, to relay the teachings to yoga.

TEACHING STYLE | Mya’s signature styles include Power Soul Flow and Gentle Soul Flow; yin & yang style practices. She is dedicated to promoting health and happiness by sharing the art and science of yoga. You can expect breathwork, mantras, explorative sequences and meditation in any of her classes. She loves teaching to Neo-Soul, R&B, jazz, African drums and other heavily vibrational styles. You can check out her full schedule at

Bio of Vanessa Rose

Vanessa Rose Costanzo

BIOGRAPHY | After graduating college with a B.A in psychology and minor in applied dance, Vanessa found herself at a local yoga studio back at home in New York. She began regularly taking restorative yoga classes and fell in love with the spiritual aspects of the practice. From then on, she was hooked and began playing around with all different styles. She now loves it all- especially restorative, hot, power, and vinyasa classes. Vanessa knew right away that she wanted to share her love of yoga with others because of how healing it has been in her own life and to show the world that it is not just a workout, but a mind-body connection. She believes that yoga is for everyBODY and everyone could deeply benefit from some type of yoga practice, not just the asana.

TRAINING | Vanessa received her RYT-200 certification from The Lotus Pond in 2015. Vanessa also did her restorative yoga certification with Nancy MacDonald, and graduated with a concentration in dance from The University of Tampa.

TEACHING STYLE | Vanessa’s classes are accessible to all levels with modifications to provide a safe atmosphere for her students. She incorporates breath-work and mantra for an overall grounding experience and loves a nice, relaxing savasana at the end of a sweaty practice. Her classes are great to build confidence in your own practice, and peace in your mind.

Lexi Garcia

BIOGRAPHY | Lexi Garcia got into yoga initially seeking the physical benefits, not long after she realized yoga not only changed her body but had also completely changed her mind. She had developed a whole new level of inner strength, self love, and confidence through a regular yoga practice. It was the body mind connection that encouraged her to dive deeper into the practice.

TRAINING | 200hr RYT. She completed her 200hr yoga teacher training at Kodawari, followed by training with Suzanne Aronoff to be a part of the assisting and adjusting program.

TEACHING STYLE | She loves to teach a flow class, with fun music, poetry, creative freedom, and plenty of modifications in addition to physical adjustments and assists in her classes, as a way to help heighten the experience on the mat. Her focus is on body mind connection, helping others to find their inner strength through proper alignment and breath work. She is inspired to help others find their own light through the art of yoga.

AJ General

BIOGRAPHY | AJ teaches yoga sculpt.

TRAINING | 200 RYT. AJ completed the Foundations for the Mindful Teacher 200hr program with Annette Scott and Marley Vigdorth.

TEACHING STYLE | AJ’s teaching offers the student an opportunity to deepen the relationship with the self, breath & intuition. Her teaching is driven by the desire to help you feel your best and heal your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental ailments. Her passion is in helping others to release anything that no longer serves while making space for more joy & peace.

Cindy Goding

BIOGRAPHY | Cindy Goding began her yoga practice in 2012 to help counteract the physical wear and tear she experienced as a distance runner. Her initial practice was primarily Bikram style yoga. In 2016 after a regular Bikram practice she explored Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Sculpt, and Restoratve Yoga styles. She found enjoyment and benefits from the wide variety of classes and began incorporating these practices into her daily routine. She was inspired to become an instructor for two reasons: the significant benefits to her own practice and to share the healing qualities of yoga and feeling of empowerment to others.

TRAINING | RYT 200. Cindy is a 2017 graduate of Kodawari’s 200hr Teacher Training.

TEACHING STYLE | Cindy’s classes are heartfelt, and supportive, utilizing the benefits of the 26 postures in the Bikram series. She brings her calmness, patience, and aims to use movement and breath to prepare you for whatever the day brings.

Maria Groff bio picture

Maria Groff

BIOGRAPHY | Maria was born and raised in Pennsylvania and has been a lifelong athlete enjoying basketball, softball, cross-country and track. Following a back injury sustained during marathon training in 2006 she began practicing yoga and found a physical and spiritual practice that sustained and nourished her in ways she had not realized she needed. Her back injury healed and she found a deeper peace and patience off the mat as well.

TRAINING | RYT 200. Maria knew that she wanted to deepen her practice and share her mental and physical awakening and appreciation for yoga with others so she attended Annette Scott’s Foundations for the Mindful Teacher training in 2013 and achieved her RYT-200 Certification.

TEACHING STYLE | Maria aims to get your day started with movement and breath and get you centered for whatever the day will bring you.

Shelly Happel

BIOGRAPHY | Shelly began practicing yoga in 1995 after a severe car accident and has been teaching yoga in the Tampa Bay area for 17 years. Her massage practice specializes in light & deep touch methods (cranial-sacral, lymphatic drainage, ayurvedic massage, deep tissue, trigger point, reiki, and myo-fascial release,) and allows her to respond to her students’ needs, moment-to-moment. Her classes are mini workshops with humor & joy.

TRAINING | E-RYT 200 Shelly has trained in yoga and massage therapy with many internationally known and acclaimed teachers, and is always learning more so she can help her students and clients heal themselves.

TEACHING STYLE | Shelly has a singular style (known as “Shelly-Yoga”) that delivers a fun and therapeutic experience. She integrates yoga, anatomy, bodywork, music, comedy, and massage therapy to help you harmonize your inner & outer worlds and become your own best teacher. She is very hands-on, being “licensed to touch” and can help your yoga practice move to a more profound place where you learn to listen to your body with a compassionate and informed ear and heart. Shelly’s classes combines stretching for the neck, shoulders, back and legs, with core strengthening, self massage, and a short vinyasa flow. Some standing balance poses are added to make this class fun and accessible for all ages and experience levels. She incorporates the healing power of sound through chanting/music/meditation at the end.

Bio Photo of Amee Joshi

Amee Joshi

BIOGRAPHY | Amee attended her first Bikram yoga class in 2005, during her residency in family practice medicine. The connection between the mind, body and spirit was palpable and Amee felt like she had found where she was meant to be. After a regular Bikram practice for a year, she explored Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga styles.

TRAINING | RYT 500. Amee entered a teaching training program with the Asheville School of Yoga and Stephanie Keach in 2009. She has also completed advanced Vinyasa, Prenatal and Yin Yoga certifications.

TEACHING STYLE | Amee’s teaching style of yoga ranges from a strong Vinyasa practice to deeply restorative. She incorporates music, poetry, and meditation into her classes.

Nadine Liss

BIOGRAPHY | Nadine was involved in a serious car accident in 2004, and sustained a traumatic brain injury. In 2009 she discovered yoga and started her journey of becoming whole again. Nadine believes in discovering the powers of a strong mind-body connection. Yoga not only brought her beyond her physical abilities but also strengthened her memory, concentration and focused her drive.

TRAINING | RYT 200. Nadine was a student of Jimmy Barkan and Kelly Green for years. In 2014, she received certification from the Yoga Joint in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She has also continued her education with Bryan Kest, Johnny Kest, Seane Corn and Rolf Gates.

TEACHING STYLE | Nadine invites students to unlock their own transformations with a regular hot yoga practice. She takes her students through a series of dynamic flow sequences challenging students to play with their edge.

biatta malkiewicz

Biatta Malkiewicz

BIOGRAPHY | Biatta took a Bikram class with a friend in 2010 and was instantly connected to the practice. Surprised by the strength of the mind body connection she started to share her experience with everyone. A couple years later, she desired more and started to explore Power, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga. After only a few years of practice, she felt a pull to teach and offer this experience with others.

TRAINING | RYT 200. Biatta completed Annette Scott’s Foundations for the Mindful Teacher Training in 2013.

TEACHING STYLE | Biatta’s teaching style ranges from a strong Vinyasa to a Gentle practice. She maintains a focus on breath work and incorporates music into many of her classes.

Will Rafalko

BIOGRAPHY | Will Rafalko began his yoga practice in 2013 after systematically destroying his body from too much cross-fit. Fast forward to 2016; after a few years of dedicated practice, and a little convincing from friends, Will started the 200hr YTT program with the simple intention of deepening his practice - only to learn that the experience of teaching others is both enjoyable and rewarding. He continues to be inspired to teach from wanting to share the knowledge he has learned with others and by the peace and contentment he finds in his own personal practice.

TRAINING | RYT 200. Will has continued to pursue additional training outside of the 200 hour training, including yoga mentorship programs and yoga for underserved communities. During his daytime job, Will practices as a licensed professional engineer.

TEACHING STYLE | Will's classes are sequenced to music - lots of indie rock and classic rock. You can expect a focus on alignment and remaining committed to the breath. The classes are meant to be very challenging with the intention of creating a little student puddle of samadhi at the end of class. Challenging approach aside, an emphasis will be placed on respecting your practice and listening to your body - using Will's direction as a simple guide to your practice. It's all an invitation, not an obligation.

Jenna Rosenkrantz

BIOGRAPHY | Jenna’s background as a Registered Nurse ignited her exploration for more holistic methods of healing the mind, body, & spirit. The yoga practice became Jenna’s outlet to relieve stress from the hospital environment. As a yoga practitioner since 2011, Jenna’s passion is to share the yoga practice with others as a way to enhance their physical & spiritual well-being.

TRAINING | RYT-200. Jenna received her 200 RYT certification in Costa Rica with Awakened Life School of Yoga. Since then, Jenna has completed trainings in meditation, breath work, & inversion practices.

TEACHING STYLE | Jenna’s classes range from deeply restorative, gentle, to powerful vinyasa flows. Jenna weaves strength & spiritual connection into her classes to provide a wholehearted mind-body experience.

Justin Rocket Yoga Instructor

Justin Rockett

BIOGRAPHY | Justin began his yoga journey as a way to help with anxiety and to reconnect with a love for movement that was rooted in him as child through dance and gymnastics. As a Breath Healer Coach certified by David Elliot, a certified Personal Trainer, and a registered Yoga Teacher, Justin provides a safe sacred space for anyone wanting to explore a greater connection with their body.

TRAINING | E-RYT 200. Justin completed his training in the Prana Flow System with Micheline Berry and Level I Budokon Teacher Training with Cameron Shayne.

TEACHING STYLE | Justin uses techniques to restore the myofascial system in order to move deeper into postures while ultimately balancing the emotional and energetic body. He is well known for teaching from the heart and delivering a class that is supportive, therapeutic, and energizing. His inspiring playlists are geared to awaken your heart.

Kristen Schneider

BIOGRAPHY | Kristen has been teaching yoga since 2007. She was first introduced to yoga while living in rural China and immediately fell in love with the practice. She then traveled to India where she lived for six months while doing her 200hr teacher training. She often travels back to further her studies in Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, and Yin yoga.

TRAINING | E-RYT 200. Kristen did her 200hr training in Rishikesh, India at Yog Peeth.

TEACHING STYLE | Her teaching style is dynamic, creative, and sweet. As an Ayurveda Practitioner, Kristen treats the yoga practice as an additional avenue for wellness. She often incorporates guided breathing exercises and meditations into her classes. Kristen teaches in Orlando, Tampa, and at international retreats and festivals.

Meghan Schwartz-Do

BIOGRAPHY | Meghan is a native to the Tampa Bay Area and has been exercising all her life. Both of Meghan’s parents were bodybuilders and thus taught her about proper nutrition and exercise as she was growing up. Meghan’s main focus growing up was in dance and continues that passion today. She also competed on a National level as a bikini competitor in the NPC and earned her pro-card with the ABFF. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Tampa, she moved to NY where she earned her AFAA Group Fitness Certification and NCSF Personal Trainer Certification. When she moved back to Tampa, she taught group fitness and started to discover a deeper interest in yoga.


TEACHING STYLE | Meghan’s classes offer opportunities to be challenged through postures and sequencing. She hopes for her students to always feel accomplished and educated through her classes as she loves to share her passion for movement and yoga with the world.

Annette K. Scott

BIOGRAPHY | Annette is a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher and functional movement trainer. Her career has been spent integrating her love of philosophy, yoga, bodywork, aromatherapy, energy work, functional and dynamic exercise.

TRAINING | E-RYT 500. Annette was inspired to become a yoga teacher through her extensive work with Forrest Yoga Guardian, Cheryl Deer. She completed her 200hr and 300hr teacher trainings at Asheville School of Yoga with Stephanie Keach. Annette is a lifelong learner and continues to draw from functional movement teachers like Doug Keller, Tom Meyers, Naudi Aguilar and Ido Portal.

TEACHING STYLE | Annette's classes are breath and sensation-based. Annette is more interested in teaching you how to feel your body more clearly than in how to do the perfect pose. Instructions are simple invitations to attune to what feels right for your body and grow your practice from there.

In her slow flow classes mindful movements are combined with intentional, sensate awareness practices. The intent is to sensitively soften and hydrate the deep tissues with breath and attention in order to balance the nervous system and release unnecessary tension. We practice close to the ground and invite the breath to flow freely.

In vinyasa and power classes, continuous flows and free breathing are used to facilitate a deepening movement meditation. Strength and mobility are developed little by little in wave-like flows. Annette’s classes combine philosophy, intelligent and challenging sequencing with strong vinyasa flows that call you to deeply felt sensation. You can expect to move through balancing, binding, standing and twisting sequences while also receiving hands on assists that enable practitioners to feel and play with the edges of their practice. You will take your yoga off your mat.

Michele Smith

BIOGRAPHY | As an amateur dancer and dance mentor, Michele has a great appreciation for every body’s beauty, strength and athletic ability. After enduring a serious accident and subsequent surgeries, Michele found yoga instrumental in healing physically and emotionally. When a family member was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Michele deepened her asana practice to explore spiritual connection and energy work while caring for him. Yoga has proven a constant companion in her ability to transform grief and loss in to awareness and expansion.

TRAINING | E-RYT 500. Michele completed 200hr Teacher Training with Val Spies and Karen Stephan in 2011 and went on to receive her Prenatal Yoga certification after studying with Jacci Gruninger of the Pranakriya Yoga: School of Yoga Healing Arts in 2012. She has since continued her training attaining another 300hrs of training in Yin, Restorative Yoga, Injury Recovery, Pranayama and more. Michele is an Usui Reiki Master Healer and Energy Worker since 1999. Her asana practice is enhanced with regular training and performance in Modern, Ballet and Hip Hop dance styles.

TEACHING STYLE | Michele’s style of teaching yoga focuses on the subtle/energetic body to encourage healing and transformation on a cellular level. Her classes and workshops make use of traditional movement and breath-work with attention paid to how a person functions as a whole.

Stephanie Thompson

BIOGRAPHY | Stephanie Thompson has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Her practice has made her strong and flexible and helps her live a balanced life. She loves yoga and sharing it as teacher even more. Just like other physical activities, starting yoga at an early age means the body grows up knowing more is possible. That knowledge is what has inspired Stephanie to teach Kids Yoga.

TRAINING | RYT 200. Stephanie received her 200hr certification after attending Annette Scott’s Foundations for the Mindful Teacher training in 2013.

TEACHING STYLE | Stephanie teaches both Slow Flow and Kid’s Yoga classes. Her promise is to make classes fun and engaging. She believes in building a strong foundation of joyful movement and confidence for whatever adventures lie ahead.

Tammy Thompson

BIOGRAPHY | Tammy began practicing yoga almost 20yrs ago as a counterbalance to long distance running, but it was after she had children in 2001 that she really started to see the calming influence that a regular practice had on her.

TRAINING | RYT 200. She completed her teacher training with Erin and Eric Wheeler of Lucky Cat Yoga, and has advanced training in Yoga Nidra through Jennifer Reiss out of Kripalu.

TEACHING STYLE | Tammy has a focus in yoga nidra and works to bring the mind/body/breath connection together through this style of guided meditation. Tammy also teaches a gentle vinyasa flow as a way to warm up the body and to better prepare the mind for guided relaxation. With a different theme for every class, no two classes are ever exactly the same.

Pam Velez

BIOGRAPHY | Pam began taking yoga classes at a gym 13 years ago with the intention of getting a good workout. What began as part of an exercise routine has become much more. Pam credits yoga for making her a better person: more patient, compassionate and less judgmental. To compliment her love of yoga, Pam is a holistic health coach who teaches nutrition/wellness related workshops to corporations.

TRAINING | E-RYT 200, RYT 500 Pam completed her 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings at the Lotus Pond Center for Yoga and Health. She has since gone on to earn certifications in Restorative Yoga, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Prenatal Level 1 and Advanced Pranayama.

TEACHING STYLE | Pam loves to laugh and brings this element of lightheartedness to each class. Her classes incorporate alignment, flow, humor and a bit of yoga philosophy. Pam teaches gentle, restorative, flow and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.

Melissa Vogt

BIOGRAPHY | Melissa is as a lifelong seeker of wisdom in the ever-expanding wellness industry. The first time Melissa Vogt participated in a yoga class, she intuitively felt home: A sense of grace and ease she had always longed for. With over a decade of practice and yoga training; Melissa is still intrigued with the physical challenges presented on the mat and the peace that accompanies the silencingof the ever-so familiar mental chatter of “the monkey mind”. Yoga has also empowered Melissa to work through chronic pain accompanied by years of discomfort from scoliosis. As a former substance abuser, Melissa believes yoga is a useful method to connect and helps others who struggle with the same dis-ease. As Melissa continues to deepen her yoga practice, she is continuously “wowed” by the healing and unifying
power of yoga – body, mind and soul.

TRAINING | RYT 200. Melissa completed her 200hr yoga teacher training with Evolation Yoga in 2010. She has continued her education by studying with teachers such as Bikram Choudhury, Rajashree Choudhury, Rodney Yee, Collen Saidman-Yee and Gary Krafstow of Viniyoga Therapy, Rocky Heron, San Francisco, CA, Anna Forest & Jose Calarco, Forrest Yoga, Denver, CO, Jill Miller, Yoga Tune Up, Santa Monica, CA, Pole Fitness, X-Pole, Hollywood, CA
Lagree Fitness, Los Angeles, CA & Tampa, FL, Johnny G-Madd Dog, Orlando, FL and last but not least also completed her NASM Personal Training.

TEACHING STYLE | Melissa’s style of teaching yoga is unique in that she lovingly shines the light of awareness upon mobility and functionality. Helping others live optimally is her main goal. She reminds others that yoga is about self-exploration and befriending our minds. She actively and safely encourages others to approach their yoga practice with mindfulness, compassion and self-love. She gently reminds, only dig deep enough to explore the edge with an innocent child-like curiosity and light-hardheartedness (without attachment to the end result). Melissa encourages 'OMies' to make life changing transformations by cultivating and nurturing a healing yoga practice and going inwards on a journey of self-exploration.

Lois Waite

BIOGRAPHY | Lois “Lo” Waite began practicing yoga over a decade ago. A former competitive triathlete, duathlete, and long-distance runner, she found yoga to be a great compliment to her training. But as her practice evolved, she discovered yoga to be much more than just a physical practice. The mind-body connection through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness brought a sense ofcalm and peace to her life. Yoga has made her both emotionally and physically stronger, healthier, and more balanced. A desire to share what yoga has brought to her life led her to enroll in teacher
training. A compassionate teacher, she teaches students that yoga is much more than exercise, it isa way of life.

TRAINING | RYT 200. Lois completed her 200 hour training in Vinyasa Flow from Bella Prana under Roni Elissabeth Sloman, Tina Tidwell, and Jessica Lynne Trese. A Certified Facial Fitness Instructor, she has trained under Facial Fitness founder, Patricia Goroway.

TEACHING STYLE | Lois creates a space for her students where they are safe and free to explore,learn, and meet their practice exactly where they are. She teaches that yoga is for everyone and that first you find the breath, then you find the version of the pose that is best for you. Her classes teach the benefits of pranayama and meditation, while offering students the ability to grow their practice through focus on proper alignment.

Jessica Yatooma

BIOGRAPHY | Jessica’s yoga journey began in the summer of 2014 in her hometown in Southeastern Michigan. Introduced through a friend; she immediately fell in love with the healing practice and knew that she wanted to learn more and eventually share it with others. As her practice has evolved and expanded, the mindfulness, spirituality, and body awareness have brought a sense of calm and peace into her life.

TRAINING | 200hr RYT. After relocating to Tampa in the fall of 2016, Jessica enrolled in a 200hr YTT program at Bella Prana Yoga and meditation, and completed in September 2017.

TEACHING STYLE | Jessica has experience teaching all levels and truly believes there is something for everyone; one of the many things she loves about this practice. However, her love is the intensity of a Power Flow / Vinyasa. Being a native Detroiter, she was brought up on “Kest Style” free flowing Vinyasa, as you will see sprinkled throughout her classes.

Valarie Yuskaitis

BIOGRAPHY | Valarie began practicing yoga in 2010 as a means to stretch and prevent injury. As a lifetime runner and new triathlete, she was searching for relief from the aches of intense training. She found that the more she practiced yoga, the better she felt and her performance improved as well. She began to spend more time on the mat, including during her pregnancy, and found that the practice was transforming more than her body; yoga had increased her ability to manage stress and improved her mental focus.

TRAINING | RYT 200. Valarie completed her 200hr yoga teacher training certification in 2016 with Lucky Cat Yoga, Eric and Erin Wheeler. She now has aspirations of completing her RYT 500.

TEACHING STYLE | Valarie’s teaching style incorporates Vinyasa Flow and Power with a strong focus on the breath work. Her sequences offer both the experienced and newer practitioner options. With the knowledge that every day is different, Valarie believes we should listen to our intuition to determine the best way to practice each time we arrive on our mat; honoring where we are at in that moment. As an avid music lover, she integrates purposeful music into her classes to help you synchronize breath with movement and sink deeper into the asana.