Teaching yoga presents a beautiful blend of opportunities — it is meaningful, creative, service-oriented work that gives you a level of independence, freedom and ironically connection that you won’t likely find at a desk job. With the right tools teaching yoga can become, if you want it to, a well-crafted lengthy career.We want to show you how that is possible. You can earn what you deserve through giving true value from your heart.  A yoga teacher training is an opportunity to open the doors to meaningful work, life-long learning and authentic interactions in your life.

The Foundations for the Mindful Teacher Training offers a rich foundation of information and experience from which to begin or deepen a practice of teaching yoga. It is, of course, also open to dedicated yoga practitioners simply looking for a greater depth of knowledge. It’s a transformational process geared toward adult learners where through self-inquiry and facing personal challenges, participants grow as individuals.

This yoga instructor training program is an opportunity for dedicated yoga practitioners to delve deeply into their own practice and study. Trainees learn how to become a positive force in their own lives and in their communities.

Most people, including us, want to become more flexible in mind and body; to experience stress relief and to have a high level of general fitness and improve overall health. Doing yoga and teaching yoga is the perfect tool to achieve all these goals.

As a result of this course, you gain a strong sense of mental clarity, become physically stronger while giving something to yourself and ultimately, you are able to give back to your community.

Our program insures that you will graduate with confidence in your voice and ability to teach a great yoga class! That includes smart sequencing, excellent themes, and hands-on experience learning effective physical and verbal assists.

And that’s just the beginning…

Experienced and talented instructors who offer a breadth and depth of teaching that would be impossible to replicate elsewhere, teach the Foundations for the Mindful Teacher Training. You are guided through topics such as yoga philosophy, how to correctly perform and teach a wide range of poses, how to properly sequence a class and how authentically brand and market yourself as a new teacher.

One of the most important underpinnings of the training is an alignment-based practice that promotes a safe, healing, life-affirming style of yoga that is informed by a deep knowledge of yoga philosophy and integrated practice.

Student testimonial:

“Annette’s approach is the perfect combination of heartfelt and savvy. If you are ready to activate your soul purpose, I recommend with all my heart saying Yes to this training!”