February 3 , 2016 / 6 minutes, 44 seconds

Meet Maria! She’s a “Rise and Shine” Yoga Teacher

I am thrilled to introduce myself to you.  My Rise and Shine, 7am morning class, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Kodwari Studios will get us moving and ready for whatever our day will bring us. &nb

    December 17 , 2015 / 4 minutes, 47 seconds

    HOT Yoga – From the Inside Out!

    We’ve focused on creating a Goldilocks space where the external elements of the studio space are “just right”. In fact, we want the public space of the studio to be transparent to and harmonious with

      December 9 , 2015 / 3 minutes, 58 seconds

      Is it Public? Is it Private? Is that a Zebra?

      At Kodawari we know that there's this weird thing going on - a yoga studio is a public place and yet, at the same time the four corners of your mat delineate a very personal space. A studio space that

        October 20 , 2015 / 3 minutes, 7 seconds

        Welcome to Kodawari Studios

          Welcome! I am so excited to invite you into this new space with me. I have been, and still am, working to cross paths with you at the soon-to-open Kodawari studios. We are intendin

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