February 24 , 2016 / 6 minutes, 26 seconds

Nadine Liss Brings Hot Yoga to Kodawari Studios

Author: Annette K. Scott


My name’s Nadine and I’m going to be teaching Hot Fusion Flow and a Hot Happy Hour at Kodawari Studios. I contend that yoga is not for the flexible, or the balanced, the strong or the skinny. Yoga is for the person who wants those things. Practicing yoga, unlike a commitment to an exercise routine, does not get in the way of your life, but rather becomes a part of your life because I believe that it brings you to your TRUE, beautiful, hot self.

I practiced for many years at a Hot Yoga studio in south Florida where I found this to be true in my own body. And now it’s now my passion to share with you this experience. I bring a sequence of poses and what I know to beginners and seasoned yogis alike.  I promise to show you how you can feel absolutely, righteously gorgeous while drenched in your own sweat.

But first, here’s my story of how I first found yoga. For me, it all began with an Internet Special. I was out-of-shape and looking for something to keep me active.  Running seemed convenient, but I always developed pains in my shins, knees and hips after a while.  Classes at the gym were fun, but they failed to really push my limits.  I was a competitive swimmer up until my first year of college, so I was familiar with that “athletic exhaustion”, and I wanted a challenge again without having to find a pool, hit the pavement for a run, or exercise in the gym like a hamster on a wheel.

I, like so many others, could find the initial drive to start an exercise routine, but injuries, pain, boredom or LIFE many times got in the way.  I needed something that would help me to be lean and trim, steer my lifestyle in a healthy direction, and wouldn’t get in the way of me LIVING.transformation kanji

So, not only was I someone who was looking to get back into shape, but I also had another complication to overcome: In 2004, I was involved in a serious car accident and sustained a traumatic brain injury.  Physical therapy, prayers and my own stubbornness had enabled me to live independently and appear seemingly normal, but I still had many serious balance, coordination and memory issues.  When I found this Internet Special for “Hot Yoga”, I was intrigued. Yoga was becoming increasingly popular, and yet, I was skeptical of claims people were making. “Plus”, I said to myself, “I can’t even stand on one leg anymore!  Don’t you have to be balanced and flexible to do yoga?”

What did I have to lose anyway?!  I wasn’t afraid of trying something new, and I still hadn’t found an outlet for physical exercise…So I took the Internet Special and went.  After wobbling through my first class, I was drenched in sweat, felt really gross, but also felt…ELEVATED.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Why did I feel so good?  All I did was “stretch” in a hot room…or at least that’s what I thought.


Chasing that feeling of intense goodness, I kept going.  My Internet Special eventually expired, and yoga seemed costly, but I took a good hard look at my expenses so that I could afford the right studio. I continued to practice and my balance improved.  I remember the EXACT moment I could stand on one leg again: Tree Pose. WHHAAATTT!!!!??? That experience blew my mind. Doctors had told me that I had plateaued in my recovery but here I was improving! And then my memory improved – I started to remember more and more without lists and reminders.  I also found clarity in my thinking and decision-making. My body was transforming – I became leaner, and more toned, STRONGER and more balanced.  I was literally shedding toxins and all the extra weight I carried not only in my body, but also in my mind. The two were connected!

I had discovered within myself, for myself, the powers of a strong mind-body connection. Yoga brought me beyond what I thought were physical limitations, and then helped me to strengthen my memory, concentration and focus my drive.  I want to invite you to unlock your transformations with a regular yoga practice. You should join me on the mat and see what happens for you…



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