February 25 , 2016 / 4 minutes, 51 seconds

Zach Takes Us into Flight and Acro Yoga: Part 2

Author: Annette K. Scott


Hi! My name is Zach Mills and I am going to be teaching Power Fly on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 – 7:15pm, a Power Intensive 10am to 12pm and an Intro to AcroYoga with Alix Emery at 12:30 – 2:30pm on Sundays at Kodawari Studios. You can expect my class to focus on high-energy transitions, floating, and arm balances. My passion for Power and Acro yoga comes from the rush of excitement as we approach scary and awkward movements. These classes are about having fun and shifting from fear to excitement and focusing more on what the poses feel like rather than what they look like.  I know you will leave inspired and excited to come again.

But before I go much further I want to tell you how I came to yoga in the first place.

Seeing the world upside-down for about ten years now, arm balancing has always contradicted what I defined as strong. Physically, it seemed to require rock solid muscles, yet gains at the gym never seemed to help my body control. This confusion and curiosity left me seeking something more. During my last season of hockey in college, a stick cracked across my face and knocked out multiple teeth. I figured this was a good time to make a change. I left college and could no longer identify myself as an athlete and I was without a smile…the gym just didn’t make sense anymore. Repetitive behaviors, acute injuries, chronic pain, and for what? The stronger I thought I got, the more uncoordinated I became and it was coming at the expense of my wrists and shoulders. It was then that I stumbled upon a video of the primary series of Ashtanga, and became hooked. My mind was blown. I couldn’t believe the grace, the balance, the ease, and most importantly the power driven by the mental focus. Unbelievable!


My body quickly adapted as the daily practice sculpted my muscles anew, opened my range of motion, and left me focusing on the transitions. My frustration and anxiety faded to thoughts of how I could link these poses. I turned to a Vinyasa style and began studying with great folks such as Eric Wheeler, Steven Bickle, and Annette Scott. I let my body explore under their ques and am thankful for what they had awakened in me. I became RYT-200 certified studying under Eric and Erin Wheeler at Lucky Cat Yoga. I’ve been teaching power based classes and will soon be studying with David Kyle to finish my Rocket Yoga certification. Yes, I’m ridiculously excited.

As for Acro Yoga? Oh boy, my definition of strength was shattered again. In late 2012, convinced Andre Sur and Jason Fraley were traveling acrobats in town for a short time, I leapt at the chance for privates with them. Now I call them close friends, but the patience and pure positivity from them added a new element and compassion to my teaching style. If you are like me, it won’t take you long to realize what muscle engagement and balance truly mean. Alix and I have been practicing together solidly for a year now and would love to show you what it feels like to invite others on to your mat.


If you are ready to explore and expand your definition of strength with flexibility, then come join me. Be ready to meet a more confident and positive you as we safely leave the ground behind with grace and style!

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