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Author: Annette K. Scott

Coleen McGrath

Hi! My name is Coleen McGrath. I will be teaching a Vinyasa Flow style class on Sunday mornings 10:30AM-11:45AM at Kodawari Studios.

My passion for Vinyasa Flow comes from the “alive yet relaxed” feeling state that you will have by the time you completed this class with me.

You can expect my class to incorporate a variety of music and aimed to accommodate different experience levels so everyone is welcome.

But before I go much further I want to tell you how I came to yoga in the first place….

I began my practice back in 2008 when I was going through lets just a say a few of life’s not so wonderful moments. I had lots going on emotionally; losing a job as well as having a beloved dog that was sick and not going to be with us much longer. It was a tough time. So I went to a local gym for a Sunday morning class (how ironic that Ill be teaching that time now). Anyway I’m not sure if it was the 1st time or shortly there after, but I remember having such an emotional release at the end of one of the classes. I had never experienced anything like that in any other exercise type class. I started to notice little changes in my flexibility, strength and there always seemed somewhere further you could go, that intrigued me! I’d say a few years in going to this Sunday class religiously I got inspired to want to teach. “One day,” I said. This teacher became a friend of mine and introduced me to other yoga studios. Looking back now, I was hooked from there. I remember a friend and I met for a class at a yoga studio, with the same teacher I had always gone to weekly, but the environment was different, exciting but truly intimidating as well. Everyone seemed so serious I remember thinking. I stuck with it and reached new levels. Now I have to admit every day and every time I get on the mat its different. And that’s what’s great, that’s ok! Its ok to have an off day with your balance and/or strength. That is what yoga is about, at least to me. Being “OK” with what is and being in the moment. Experiencing all that comes, good and the not so good. Most importantly remembering to breathe!

So fast forward a few years, branching out with more confidence to try different classes, making new friends, I decided to do the teacher training in 2013. I completed the training when I was 7 months pregnant. Yes 7 months pregnant! If that isn’t a huge lesson in being ‘ok’ with what is I don’t know what is. I want to share with you this love and passion that I have for yoga. Your practice is something for just YOU! Your time, your space! Time to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul! Now get your mat and come join me Sunday mornings for an exciting, fun Vinyasa Flow class. Namaste~

Coleen McGrath’s “Vinyasa Flow” class if offered Sunday from 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physician

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