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Author: Annette K. Scott

We are Kodawari Studios want to help you put your best foot forward and make your holiday season as pleasant as possible.Thatís why†we’ve †put together some helpful hints while taking your holiday selfies and photos.These of course are an integral part of the holiday process as you want everyone to know how happy you are and in the joyous spirit.So, bask in your own glow as weíre there for your yoga Tampa community to announce your fabulousness!!yoga-tampa

1.††† Hand on hip pose-First, itís imperative that regardless of the location, outfit, and body posture that you place hand on hip.Just one hand is necessary as you donít want to outdo anyone else in the photo (you already are).It doesnít really matter if the hand is on your waist or hip or butt meat, just put it anywhere limply. This is a classic pose probably only done a few†million times so the novelty will incite shock and awe at how much of a professional almost model you are.

2.††† Pout your lips like your sad or pretend youíre a duck-This screams sexy in any language, especially the language of sexy.You want to appear desirable and get as many likes on your photo as possible; it also makes your lips appear larger.This will get the attention of the menfolk, quality menfolk that could be potential mates.These wild beasts troll places like Facebook and Instagram searching for this very thing in a long-term mate and you want to be able to compete with the gals with naturally injected larger lips.Another bonus is you may get the hunter type using a duck whistle at random;† go for it.HOW TO LOOK GOOD FOR YOUR HOLIDAY PHOTO 5

3.††† Make crazy eyes-It doesnít matter if this comes naturally or itís a product of quality family time; just do it.It adds excitement to the photo, and exciting photo lends itself to an exciting life.People will want to be you and be near you and thatís one of the end goals.Donít hold back here, the crazier the

4.††† Wear tight clothing-Again those other bitches got nothin on you with your super appropriate tight holiday dress, aint no yoga beads here!! Luckily these are easily found in any Florida store and if youíre having trouble finding it just buy a size too small.Sausage dress conjures up images of sausages and then men will think you can cook.Also, remember those gentlemen who were eyeing your lips in tip #2??They also love to look at bulging body parts such as breasts and derriere.You donít want to miss that opportunity to get another like and possible a one night stand.HOW TO LOOK GOOD FOR YOUR HOLIDAY PHOTO 6

5.††† Lastly, drink up-Nothing says the holidays are here like getting wasted!!Unfortunately, nobody has caught this blogger in her natural habitat of tipped over the keg stand so I donít have an image for you.†† Donít let that deter you though, drink until you puke or pass out; or at least meet someone.That way the two of you can live happily ever after without ever getting to know each other.

I hope this helps you make the absolute most of your holiday season.Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Chanukah, Feliz Navidad, and if you donít celebrate anything itís alright heathens we welcome you into the pit fires of hell at Kodawari.


Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physician

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