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Author: Annette K. Scott


Lynnette comes from a varied background as a healer. She spent many years working as a family therapist in numerous settings . More recently she was trained at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, completing a 4 year degree with over 2000 hours of extensive study and practice. Add to that two additional years becoming a Brennan integrative practitioner, which enables her to council clients on their transformational paths. She also works with dogs, horses, and cats.

This work is done with client fully clothed on a massage table. It can impact your health immensely andis recommendedfor anyone whohas the desireto maximize their health, for pre-and post-surgery. In addition it is helpfulwhen dealing with chronic illness orwhengrappling with the difficulties in every day life; andfor improving personal energy levels. This is an opportunity to break through energy blocks that limit your full potential and enjoymentin life.

Sessions are $ 100.00 a session
During this introductory month Lynnette is offering a 25% discount to first time clients . Dogs & cats are $ 65.00
Horses $100.00

Written by Kristen Carla

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