December 9 , 2016 / 4 minutes, 1 second


Author: Annette K. Scott


“Seva Superpowers” is a blog I wrote about a month ago for Kodawari studios.  I spoke about the importance of “seva” or selfless service in life.  Shortly after Melissa Vogt, a yoga instructor who teaches the warm & hot “26 & 2” classes messaged me that we were about to hold one of the most amazing seva’s in town.  I love it when the universe aligns.  On December 8th Soho Cycle Studio’s own Candice Pulli brought her creation “soho sessions” to Kodawari Studios and the largest studios in town teamed up for a night of yoga, music, and giving back.   

Soho Cycle is a cycle studio  and the biggest and most popular in town, you have probably already heard of it.  A beautiful soul named Candice Pulli created “soho sessions” with the intent of bringing what’s known as “underground house music” to the masses.  She brings in different local dj’s each month to play live during a class and the response has been amazing!  She and Melissa came together in the name of love to bring soho sessions to Kodawari.  The dj for the evening was none other than Jask, resident dj at Hyde Park Café and living legend right here in our backyard of Tampa, Florida.  A great dj knows how to set the mood and when you entered the room the music and vibe was flowing.  It’s rare that different groups of people come together but music and yoga have a way of doing just that.   No alcohol needed, everyone was high on life.  Yogi’s, house heads, cyclists, and cross fitters all came together; some who had never practiced yoga.  All willing to give it their all and make it fun, maybe even stumble and fall, for our charity.  Lockhart Elementary school was the charity and specifically helping to fund the music program.  With tears in her eyes Candace told us that they had already helped the program a great deal and she was honored to be able to continue to give back.  Melissa led a seamless class of 26 & 2 postures in a warm room; just enough to get the blood flowing while the music took you to places you’ve never been.   She has a way of taking you on an effortless journey into another dimension. 

It all culminated in a raffle with gifts such as body work, yoga classes, and float pod sessions because who doesn’t like free schwag.  When such great forces that are leaders in our community such as Jask, Soho Cycle, and Kodawari come together you remember during this holiday season why we’re here.  Kodawari is no stranger to seva and we plan on keeping this party going so look for our upcoming events on!!

Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physican/Model Scout

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