December 21 , 2016 / 2 minutes, 52 seconds

Prepping For the New Year – Part 1

Author: Annette K. Scott

While it’s never required to pre-register for a regular yoga class at Kodawari Studios, there are a handful of reasons why it might be a good idea!

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  1. Signing up online is a great way to deepen your commitment to your practice because if you sign up, chances are you will show up. An activity that is important to you should have a time assigned to it. You schedule appointments for meetings, haircuts and doctor visits, and you most likely schedule your TV shows on your DVD. If you are trying to get more mat time into your life, it could be very helpful to elevate yoga class above “if it fits in my day” status.

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Teachers check the class list online and can tailor their classes to the students who have registered. Because our teachers make an effort to get to know each student and their needs, knowing who is on the roster can help the teachers give you the best possible experience from your valuable class time. If you’ve told the teacher you are recovering from an injury, want to open your hips or like to emphasize your core; the teacher has advance notice to plan a class that will try to accommodate each student’s needs.

  1. You will hold your place in case of an overfilled class (although this rarely happens in a studio of our size, occasionally a class may fill up, especially in January!)
  2. You will receive an email if a class is cancelled for any reason. Although the studio announces cancellations online and on Facebook, a personal notification will make sure that you don’t show up to find a closed studio.

Imagine the consequences:  if you are trying for the often-recommended 2-3 classes per week to build your practice, book your classes in advance online. You will be less likely to back out. You may even be more likely to get out the mat for a short, regular home practice. Yoga, thus scheduled and prioritized, will become a beautiful habit.

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See you on the mat!!!



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