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Author: Annette K. Scott


Yoga is a community and like many communities there are certain rules of etiquette spoken and unspoken to adhere to.  Some of them like keeping your voices down are obvious and others aren’t.  Striving to make this a peaceful place for everyone we have tried to put together some helpful tips. 

1.    Keep Your Voices Down – This might seem like the obvi but you would be surprised how many yogis forget.  You might be amped up from your workday or have just seen a longtime friend.  Remember that if there are classes and/or treatments in session, and there usually is, people be workin on their stuff in those rooms.  Not everyone has the laser focus of Bruce Lee and your convo about the trip with the fam could be disruptive.  Seeing friends and being excited is fun but being mindful is also fun.

2.    Going to yoga class a cesspool of germs – Some people catch it and some don’t, depends on the immune system.  But if you’re sneezing and snotting all over the place it’s probably unpleasant for your neighbor and/or the instructor. Understandably you’re trying to get better but there’s a fine line and somebody has to sweep up after the snotty mess that is left. 

3.    Using the studio as a dating pool-There’s an extremely fine line for this one and if you’re unsure about it, err on the side of caution.  The menfolk seem to partake in this a lot more than the ladies.  We understand that you are now in an environment with a lot of perty, healthy, vibrant gals who share a similar interest, exciting stuff.  However, and this is of the utmost importance, yoga is a medicine.  Everyone is in a different space when they enter the studio, some might be happy, some in pain, some grieving heavily; you get the idea.   If you’re going to pull this move, PAY ATTENTION, to who you’re hitting on and the timing of it. 

4.    Expecting special treatment-You’re probably drawn to our particular studio because of the hands-on approach or you particularly like your instructor or the owner.  Yogi’s are generally likeable people and are friendly with many but remember this is a business.  Asking for discounts on everything and special treatment is putting your friendship and the business in jeopardy.  I always say “if you’re truly my friend you’ll pay full price and show respect for what I do.”

5.    Instructors forgetting boundaries-This is also tied into #3 & #4.  Instructors are likeable and truly get to know their students.  Some become friends with them and spend social time away from the studio with them.  Again be mindful that yoga is a medicine and you never know how people arrive to their mat.  Pay attention even if you’ve known them for years to how you speak with them and how they’re feeling that day.  You might be best friends with them but when you’re their instructor you step into a different role. 

6.    Put yo stuff away-Yoga studios like any business try to maintain a tidy outfit.  There are designated areas for bolsters, blocks, straps, and other things.  If you don’t return them to their rightful place your instructor or someone has to do it for you.  We are all adults and it only take a few minutes if that to do.

7.    Turn off ya phone-You have allotted this hour or so for you and you alone . . . and so has everyone else in the class.  We are so connected to our electronics and in this rapidly moving world it’s sometimes difficult to disconnect.  Yet this is the one luxuriously beautiful time when you can.  Even if it’s on vibrate, it vibrates throughout the class.   

8. Wash up-Make sure you’re showered and not smelling particularly ripe, especially at the onset of class.  This again might seem like a no brainer but  South Tampa, Florida is a warm climate most of the year.  We sweat about 7 months a year just walking to our car and we’re typically wearing sandals.  If you’re running into class after being outside take a moment to wash or wipe off your feet; your neighbor will thank you.

Yoga is a delicious time for you and all your new friends that are in class as well, let’s make it a beautiful experience for all. 

Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physician www.facebook.com/kristencarla

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