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Can Love Float? We Know Hope Does!

Author: Annette K. Scott


Can Love Float? We Know Hope Does! 7

I know it was a lame lead in…and yet, I loved the movie “Hope Floats”…for me it was a tale of how hard life can be AND how love can still triumph (even after Valentine’s Day)…I think that floating is a tool for all of humanity to get their proverbial poop in a group and excel at being the best of themselves…and since one of the most critical aspects of humanity seems to be how well we can interact with others, especially those we are most intimate with, the question begs to be asked – Can your floating session strengthen your relationship? Is it possible to use time in a float pod alone to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your partner? Personally, I believe maintaining a high level of self-care is actually one of the critical aspects of a being in relationship – after all if you aren’t quite sure of who you are and how you want to “be” in the world how can you possibly share it with someone else…

Oh how I love thee…Let me count the ways…

Can Love Float? We Know Hope Does! 8

  1. Peace and serenity

The effects of a floating session are deeply personal. Not only can couples can forge a closer bond though when they share what they experienced from a float tank session- oftentimes one of the elements of a float session is the work of sorting out/reviewing/remapping our neural networking and while it isn’t always necessary, it can be immensely helpful to have someone to share how that unfolded and what came up. Usually the greatest side effect and benefit is the  sense of a clear mind or a feeling of peace – who doesn’t want to be around to experience their partner in that state?

  1. Answers to questions

Floating often coincides with efforts at soul searching. People hope to find answers to deep questions or troubling questions inside the safe confines of a float pod. Answers are not simply a means of satisfying curiosity. They can be a cure for serious problems. Couples can use floating sessions to seek out answers for questions related to their relationship. They can share personal moments of inspiration or revelation with each other. It can help them interpret how their individual experiences apply to their relationship.

  1. Being open to more floating

Once floating is used to solve one problem that does not mean it should be discarded like a used towel. Couples can enjoy continued benefits from floating by supporting and encouraging each other to do self care, like floating, often. Floating can strengthen the bond between partners and help them to support one another in using floating to clear the mental clutter and  improve the level of peace and serenity in their shared lives.

Thanks for choosing to float and for floating with us @ Kodawari Studios.

Can Love Float? We Know Hope Does! 9

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