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Author: Annette K. Scott


Sarah is the yoga teacher that I want to be like if I were a yoga teacher.  She’s completely unassuming and yet she seems to tap into another world just before class begins; she must have some sort of special psychic powers.  I’m not sure if she’s meditating a few hours a day or if it just comes naturally to her but she’s darn amazing and takes yoga tampa to a new level!! 

If you enjoy a true vinyasa flow class this is the class to be in.  She guides you through each posture, knows what you need and steps back as you sink into it.  You feel as though she’s guiding you through a beautiful feminine dance that you want to return to every day.  She also has a voice like an angel.  There’s something about the tone of her voice, I find myself trying to figure out if it’s an accent, that is incredibly soothing.   

The entire class leaves you feeling like you’ve just gone home, but whatever happiest and most soothing moment of home that you’ve ever known.  Whether that was when you were 3 or 12 years old and you were sweetly taken care of.  Then she sends you on your way and you know that your life is just a little bit better. 

Sarah’s “Align & Flow” offering is every Tuesday 9:30-10:45 a.m

Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physician www.facebook.com/kristencarla

Kodawari Studios 3965 S. Henderson Blvd., Suite C, Tampa, Fl 33629

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