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Ever Thought of Becoming a Yoga Teacher?

Author: Annette K. Scott

Ever Thought of Becoming a Yoga Teacher? 7Imagine a job born from a dream about how the world could and should be. Work that creates relevance, resonance and permanence. The sort of work whose impact will far outlive you, delivering real value on multiple levels to everyone it touches. This is a job that aspires to so much more than simply making money – it’s a force for good that enhances the health and well being of society. If you’ve dreamt of work that would enrich your life as well as that of your community while bringing joy, fulfillment, and a sense of meaning to you and all who are touched by it, then you might consider becoming a yoga teacher.  

This can be a job founded on love and care rather than stress and fear, where your team members are passionate and committed to their work. Teaching yoga is an opportunity to be a part of something larger than yourself, to make a difference while crafting a purposeful life.

Mallory Dillion, one of the lead teachers in the upcoming 200hr Kodawari Yoga Teacher Training did not consider becoming a teacher when she started her own yoga journey, “I signed up for my first teacher training with zero intention to ever teach yoga. I went to deepen my own practice and found my passion. I discovered that I could help myself and so many others find a way to stay authentic and healthy, mentally, physically and spiritually. I love the never ending education that yoga gives you.”

Ever Thought of Becoming a Yoga Teacher? 8

The richness of Mallory’s yoga experience inspired her to become a teacher in her own right. In fact, she was so moved that she has now become a teacher of teachers, “It’s a challenging, rewarding, and a very humbling practice that I knew I had to share. I’m so grateful to have signed up for that 200 hour teacher training. It was the best gift I have ever given myself and has brought me so much joy and purpose over the past six years. I’m so excited to be a part of Kodawari’s YTT with Annette and Marley. I know it will be life changing for you too. Come, join us on the journey of your lifetime.

Teaching yoga is job that allows you to care profoundly about the wellbeing of the students, seeing them not as consumers, but as flesh and blood human beings to whom you can be of service. Being a part of the yoga world can be a way to approach doing business, making a living that embraces outsiders as insiders while being a committed and caring citizen.

You can join other prospective teachers, or like many others, you can simply take the training to deepen your own yoga practice…In either case, join us and learn with and from us as fellow travelers on a journey toward excellence. Experience the joy of service, knowing that you have enriched the lives of others.

Ever Thought of Becoming a Yoga Teacher? 9

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